What to do after you get rejected from a job interview?

We’ve all been there… multiple candidates vying for a highly coveted job opening; You’ve participated in a slew of phone and onsite interviews; The hiring manager or recruiter shares with you that you’ve reached the final round interview; The phone call comes in and before the utterance of ‘ you have not been selected’ emanates, the tone in the delivery of the message has already tipped you off.  You’ve been REJECTED, so now what?  Here is the best course of action for the short and long term after you get rejected from a job interview:

1) Thank the Person – He or she who is delivering this information is about as happy to convey the bad news as you are to hearing it. Be polite, express your disappointment and thank them for the time.  If you can grab an email address, emailing a thank you note is always a good idea.

2)  Inquire ‘Why’ – Inquire if they are able to elaborate on the reason for not selecting you.  This (albeit sometimes hard to hear) is wonderful constructive criticism.  Interviewing is not only about sharing your work history, it’s an audition, and auditions can be nerve racking.  You have a short period of time to express your desire to work, your passion, your strengths… and you don’t always get it right.  Realizing your weakness is strength, acknowledgement is the first step towards fixing things!

After you get rejected from a job interview…

 3)  Suck it up! That’s right, don’t dwell on the opportunity… learn and grow from it.  As cliché as it sounds, each failure is a stepping stone to your next success.  Reflect on the opportunity constructively, commit to fixing any mistakes and then move on… quickly!

 4)  List your accomplishments -Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished at work.  All of your successes, all of the great things you’ve done.  This will provide 2-fold. Firstly, it will help you find your confidence again along with reassurance that you are valuable and pertinent.  Secondly, this is a great opportunity to have ‘canned’ material.  Rehearsing, reading and role playing these items will have them flowing off your tongue in the next interview.  A smart person once told me, ‘people think of you what you think of yourself!’

5)  Get back out there – You won’t find a job quickly if you sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Job hunting is a contact sport… the more people you contact, the more opportunities you create for yourself.  Hit networking events, post your availability on Social Media (tastefully), revisit your contacts and former Head Hunters and share with your extended network that you are available.

In job hunting, like dating, you aren’t for everyone, and not everyone is for you.  Keep focused on getting back to work and keeping a positive outlook and the right opportunity and position will present itself.  Remember, every job rejection puts you one step closer to a job acceptance!  Hopefully we helped you understand what to do after you get rejected from a job interview – keep checking back here or subscribe to our blog for more job seeking tips!